The first great replica watch of 2018

The first appointment of 2018 replica watches makers is the London, where each year a select group of companies presents their new models in January two months faster than the most massive Basel event involving the more brands. Among the largely Swiss houses that have chosen Geneva are the Italian replica Panerai, which means that today we are ready to take a first look at one of the most impressive clocks that will come out in 2018.

The replica Panerai Radiomir 1940 3 Days Automatic Acciaio PAM 65 is the first model of the Radiomir 1940 series that comes with a white dial which, combined with the steel case, gives a far more sportive aesthetic result than the rest of the collection. White Panerai have been re-circulated in the past, but the Italian firm – for reasons that we really have difficulty in understanding – insists that it is available only in limited versions, making it a rule in black models. But this replica watch will not be a special edition and it tells us that its success will be sweeping. If we stay a little longer in the aesthetic piece, we impress the Arabic numbers that mean the hours (except for 9, which does not exist, since the small display of seconds) with a retro-turistic font and, of course, the brown strap.

The mechanism that drives this aesthetic masterpiece is the P.4000 manufactured by replica Panerai itself and runs at a frequency of 14,400 oscillations per hour. Thanks to his double barillet he has a 3-day winding load – 72 hours of autonomy. Practically, you can take it off on Friday, turning around from the office, switch to something more athletic and light for the weekend to enjoy your sports, and wear it on Monday and get back to work without losing not a second.

Replica Panerai watch, of course, thinks that this is the most sporty replica watch, which is also a part of its tightness at a depth of 100 meters, but it would be a pity to put this strap into the sea or sweat it too much. We continue to see it as a clock for the office and the relaxed exit that fits more with a shirt than with diving suits or forms. Above all, however, we see it as the best introduction for the new year, which is said to be exciting for the world of watchmaking.