The luxurious replica watches that wear the most famous rappers on their wrist

Furs, gold and diamonds. Hip hop and rap culture is not only dipped in rhymes but also in luxury. In fact, the sophisticated luxury. Just take a look at the costume choices of its most prominent representatives to understand what we mean. Specifically, in their wrists and in the novice luxurious replica watches they have chosen, certainly not to see what time they are.

Although “born” in 2005, the RM-031 remains a futuristic fake watch that Pharrell Williams does not pull out of his wrist. In fact, it’s one of the many Richard Mille models he’s in his possession. It looks more like Marvel’s film, than the classical style of Swiss watchmaking. It has a complicated tourbillon and more steel details than Terminator.

Taking into consideration that DJ Khaled is more famous for his provocative statements and the blatant style, too much for his music, you can easily assume that the replica watch he has chosen will have nothing to do with the word humility. Indeed, replica Patek Philippe Nautilus is full of diamonds and is one of the most rare watches in the history of watchmaking.

Nicki Minaj’s lyrics and general look may be NSFW, but her fake watch is a sophisticated choice. It is a male model of replica Rolex, which has characterized it as the President’s replica watch.