The Replica IWC and the theory of evolution

The new Aquatimer series for 2017 was introduced to the Galapagos Islands. Not by accident. For years, the Swiss company has linked its name with ecological actions that support sustainable development. The fragile ecosystem of Galapagos is at the heart of the interest of the replica IWC, an ecosystem wondering in and out of the sea. Which, of course, to discover it in all its grandeur when you are in the water, you need a tool like what the famous watchmaking industry has been giving us for so long.

“Aquatimer is a characteristic, masculine, dynamic and professional sporting replica watch series with tradition since 1967,” said Georges Kern, CEO of IWC replica watches Schaffhausen, on the day of launching the new series. “He is the perfect companion for demanding missions in and out of the water, and they are in their element in this natural paradise.” The IWC, however, does not use the Galapagos Islands simply for a projection screen. It supports and sponsors the Charles Darwin Foundation and its research, which adopts a scientific approach to the challenges faced by the islands. The same commitment has been made to the Cousteau Society, which is concerned with the continuation of Jacques Cousteau’s research work and the maintenance of the seas. And just as Cousteau never ceased to develop his methods, the replica IWC also took care of 2017 to present an unparalleled range of innovations.

For the first time in the history of the replica IWC, a model from the Aquatimer diving watch series, the Aquatimer Perpetual Calendar Digital Date – Month, is equipped with a high clockwork mechanism like the perpetual calendar. At the same time, the Aquatimer Deep Three introduces the third generation of IWC clocks with a sonar. The new model, in fact, provides the ability to transfer data to a dive computer. The new line, of course, does not stop here. Nine overall models for all tastes and shakes and, of course, special publications for public purposes supported by IWC are now in the array of the Aquatimer series. As Goris Verburg, Head of Marketing and Communication at replica IWC watches Schaffhausen says, “Aquatimer 2014 is the epitome of evolution: success is the result of continued growth. This is why we completely renewed it after 2009, without damaging our DNA. The combination of sporty style, adventure, exquisite technology and masculine face embodying these diving watches perfectly represents the replica IWC’s central message “Technology for Men”.