These are the best Swiss men’s replica watches on the market

A few words about Swiss replica watch making

The mechanical movement of a replica watch is the magic to see and to hear, with the ticking of 28,800 vibrations per hour and more than 100 components have been placed accurately by hand by some of the most highly trained technicians. Expresses something delightfully anachronistic in modern times, but nonetheless the price of a high quality Swiss mechanical watch can touch those of an apartment for sale.

Although artisans there and elsewhere, how does the Swiss succeeded and surpassed knowledge of those in London, New York and Paris? This is attributed to the ingenuity of Daniel Jeanrichard (1665-1741), who devised a production system called établissage -xekinise the region La Chaux-de-Fonds in the Jura mountains, which is considered the heart of watchmaking and that there are laboratories of Tissot, replica TAG Heuer, Breitling, Cartier and countless others – and which survives to this day. It is essentially about creating a network of independent highly skilled workers who produce the various parts of their home clocks, which are then assembled and sold on the market.

As Michel Golay explains, head of the museum of replica Audemars Piguet: «From 1740 to early 1800, the en farmers part-craftsmen, as they walked in Geneva each spring to sell the mechanisms that were produce in the winter.” Soon the farmers learned they could make more money if they completed the construction of the replica watch and sold it in their name. “Many stopped rural life, began to make clocks, with the help of their family members. The better their technique, the higher their reputation was. ”
The best replica Swiss brands
Replica Tissot

One of the most important and elegant brands of Swiss replica watch making, with decades of experience on its back. Together with replica Rolex and Omega, they belong to these companies that make $ 1 million a year. However, Tissot is one of the most economical for the Swiss quality that provides brands, as under € 500 you can get the automatic Le Locle, named after the homonymous hometown of Tissot.
Replica Baume & Mercier

From the luxury brands belonging to the Richemont group (with replica Cartier, IWC, A. Lange & Sohne). Most people respect the 188-year-old brand as it is the scrap of affordable luxury. The element that makes it stand out is its sporty luxury style.
Replica Oris

One of the first Swiss brands to dare to adopt industrial techniques from the other side of the Atlantic. Replica Oris has mechanical watches at extremely reasonable prices. The styles range from retro inspired by the 50s jazz clubs to functional pilot watches – all under € 1,000.

Replica Longines

Another important brand of the Swatch Group, once competing with replica Omega and repica Rolex, has captured many important technical developments since the last century to date, such as handheld chronographs, sporting tools and orientation tools used by great personalities, such as Charles Lindbergh. Nowadays, although the word vanguard is identified with other brands, no one denies the value offered by the classic designs of Master and Heritage collections.