These two replica Cartier are carbon fiber versions

Carbon is a magical material. It helps Formula One cars go even faster and professional cyclists are even more likely to climb mountains with 20% slopes. As durable as metal and lightweight as plastic, it is a material whose name has become synonymous with sports performance. But it has not gone unnoticed by watchmaking that has been searching for more and more replica watches away from gold or steel in recent years. And why not; Is not it perfect to feel that you do not even feel that you have a clock in your hand?

In the case of replica Cartier, of course, the transition to carbon fiber makes a little more sense than usual. The house is the definition of classic and luxury and the “sporting” carbon seems to be inappropriate. But is it really? Take a look at the special carbon fiber versions for Santos 100 and Ballon Blue de Cartier and see how the combination is not that unreasonable.

Both have the in-house 1847 MC mechanism with a 42-hour power reserve in their heart and, of course, they are black, a color that fits much more carbon. In itself, it is enough to make them much more different than their “Cartier brothers”, made from more conventional materials. Not a little.