Three Olympic Performance Replica Watches

At first glance, they will remind you of classic handheld timers, of what you have admired in films such as “Streets of Fire” or “Kallipolis 1915”. If you’re a bit more talked about with fake watches, you’ll see a pattern similar to the Longines Pulsometer Chronograph last year. Longines and replica Omega belong to the same group, the Swatch Group, and share much more than the company’s mechanisms, moreover. But whatever it takes, what matters most is Omega’s decision to present the official set of timers for the Rio Olympics with a clear mood of retrograde.

It is the 27th Olympic Games in the series (do not forget to count the Winter) that replica Omega has taken as an official timer and, of course, the models of photography are not the only ones celebrating this collaboration. There are two more collections, Speedmaster Mark II “Rio” and Seamaster Bullhead “Rio”, with much more modern lines.

Omega, however, has decided to complement them with a number of models that listen to the trend of vintage figures for men’s replica watches. In this series, called the Omega Olympic Official Timekeeper, there is no aesthetic connection to the Olympic Games, as is the case with the rest of the models that have an element of the logo or the colors of the Olympic Circles.

The Olympic Official Timekeeper series is clearly less commercial in character, and that’s not just how it looks. Its mechanism is the manual replica Omega 3203 and the case materials are the three shades of gold (yellow, white, pink) that refer to gold, silver and bronze medals. Commonly speaking, we are talking about watches that are not for all balances. Each will be produced in just 188 pieces and their prices will be over 1,000 euros. Their case has a diameter of 38 mm and the watch is waterproof at 30 meters depth.